Friday, July 18, 2014

Getting Started

What am I supposed to do now?

Welcome to the wonderful world we call Ingress.  Ingress is an amazing experience, as complex or simple as you like.  It grows with you, constantly changing both locally and globally.

So what should you do first?  I'm assuming you already have the game downloaded and chose a faction.  If not, check out Google+ for some great suggestions.

Faction COMM

Find a Community

First thing's first.  Find your local community.  Reach out on Faction COMM and meet up with experienced agents.  They'll help you get going and can introduce you to the rest of the community.

Check out Google+, as well.  Google+ has been the go-to social network for all things Ingress.

If you're in Oregon, check out

Hack, Deploy, Link

You're going to want to get to Level 8 as quickly as you're comfortable with.  You need AP (Action Points) to level up.  Once you hit Level 8, you're in the game for real and are as effective in the field as any other agent.  In the earlier levels, the gear you're given makes it easy to build, but not so easy to destroy things.

Take some time and go through the Agent Training built into your scanner.  Then go read the Ingress Field Guide when you have some time at home.  Those should help get you started.

Fully deployed portal
Don't get discouraged trying to smash things until you're level 5, and then only pick off non-shielded portals.  Smashing only provides about two thirds the AP of building anyway.

So what to do?  Ask experienced agents to smash for you, and then you build, build, build.

Hack everything.  If it's a portal, hack it.  You can hack a portal once every five minutes, and four times in a four hour period.  Do it. Hack all the things.  This will provide you with the gear you need to build!

Next, deploy your resonators.  A lot of AP can be had just deploying resonators on portals.  Make sure all eight slots are filled, then link!  Check out Captain Jac's blog (Agent Adventures) for more details on linking and fielding.  As a general rule, make as many short links as possible to level up as quickly as possible.

Once you get the hang of building, portal dense areas will provide you the opportunity to level up quickly.

Next Steps

Connect with your community more!  Listen to experienced agents.  Give yourself time to learn this game.  It's a complicated, always-changing game that grows just a little bit faster than you, so there's always more to learn and room to improve strategy.

Don't forget to have fun!

Now get out there and move!